We should all have regular eye tests.
Some may need to be tested more often than others due to particular eye conditions, or if they are over 40 years old.
Do you need a Check-Up?

Last Check-Up

Was your last check-up over 12 months ago?

Eye Strain

Have you had headaches or eye strain?

Do you have general pain in your eye?

Quality of Vision

Does one eye see clearer than the other one?


Do you have diabetes or a history of Diabetes in your family?

Screen Exposure

Do you spend prolonged periods of time in front of a computer screen for

work/school and get tired eyes?

Field of Vision

Can you see things well up close, but have to move closer to objects to see them clearer & vice versa?

Do you have problems judging distance?


Do you often mistake someone for somebody else?

Do you have problems recognising faces?

Contact Lenses

Are you interested in contact lenses?

Quality Of Vision

Do you see things blurred?

Do you often see double?

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