The Local Community

At Optical In Sight, we support the local community and provide valuable services to assist, identify and treat those with eye problems. We treat infants to the elderly and everyone in between.


Each year we donate sunglasses for children, vouchers, and eye accessories. This helps to promote awareness of UV protection. Many Australians wear hats but often forget the protection sunglasses provide.

Organisations we donate to:


At Optical In Sight, we give back to the broader community as well. Twice a year, we donate a percentage of our profits to UNICEF to help those less fortunate than us.


As one of Australia’s leading optometrists, Optical In Sight assists with the clinical supervision of university students studying optometry. The syllabus’ clinical teaching element is required as a prerequisite. For 3 months, students are exposed to professional advice and hands-on experience from qualified Australian optometrists.

This brings theory to life and teaches them skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. Students learn dry eye assessment, orthokeratology, children’s testing, and much more.

Regional Testing

For the past 5 years, Elise spends 2 weeks of her annual leave performing voluntary work. This sees her travelling to remote and regional areas such as the Northern Territory and Broome.

It is in these remote locations Elise conducts eye testing. Due to lack of funding, these areas are often not equipped with accredited optometrists or resources.
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