Covid-19 Safety Announcement

Covid-19 Safety Announcement

Back to stage 3 restrictions; what does this mean and how does this affect your eye health? Here are answers to some questions you may have:

  • What is considered essential?
    You are due for your follow up or eye review, you receive a reminder for an eye check-up or review, or you’re experiencing eye issues such as eye pain, soreness, visual fatigue, blurred vision, and other eye related issues from extended screen time or other problems.
  • Who cannot come to appointments?
    If you or any member of your household have been unwell or are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, we ask you to please defer appointments for at least two weeks from clearance of these symptoms and illnesses. Additionally, if you’ve had a recent eye test with excellent results and no new issues have risen since the check up, we ask you to stay home until after restrictions lift. Finally, if you have just returned from overseas or interstate travel you should defer any appointments for at least two weeks.
  • My glasses broke, is that an essential?
    Yes it is. Your eye health is important and so is your ability to see and function well while working at home (or onsite) is too!
  • My eyes feel worse but I am not 100% sure?
    If your last eye check was recent please call one of our optometrists to discuss your results and we will advise you accordingly. If your last eye test was more than 6 months ago and you feel that your eyes are worse please do not delay your eye review. Many eye conditions are best treated and managed early. If you are unsure if this applies to you please call us to speak to one of our optometrists.
  • What precautions are we taking to guarantee your safety?
    We follow very strict and hygiene protocols. All of our staff are trained to use proper personal protective attire (PPA) and frequently wash their hands followed by immediate hand sanitisation  to ensure everyone’s safety. We use alcohol swabs as well as viraclean, which is TGA approved, to wipe every single surface; including tables, benches, door handles, toilets, light switches, the door itself, as well as every single frame instore after EACH person enters and exits the premise. Temperatures are also checked prior to bringing patients into the consulting rooms and social distancing measures are taken, including well marked areas for customers waiting for service. We’ve also taken extra caution by encouraging a 2m social distancing protocol, rather than the recommended 1.5m.
  • My family would like to come as they are all due. Can we all come as a family?
    When you book for 3 or more people we encourage you to be seen by two optometrists to allow sufficient time between appointments for sanitisation. However, if you prefer to have all members see a particular optometrist, you will be split into smaller groups. i.e. One Adult and one child while another adult and your other child( or children) wait inside your car for their appointment.
  • I need to pickup my glasses or contact lenses.
    We encourage that you book an allocated time to ensure that one of our staff members will be able to assist you immediately. This prevents having to wait outside while we have other people on the premise and to allow enough time to sanitize everything to ensure your safety. However, we understand that you are busy and sometimes it is hard to know when you can take time off work, in this instance we ask for your patience if the front door is locked and to wait at the marked area outside. As soon as someone leaves the premise (when we reach our max capacity) we will clean and sanitize the clinic and then welcome you in store.

    Lastly, please rest assured that we are 100% concerned about everyone’s wellbeing and thus new protocols are in place. We are in this together!


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