Effects on Eyes during Pregnancy

Effects on Eyes during Pregnancy

One of the most unspoken – and possibly terrifying – changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy are the effects on their eyes. Most women are prepared for the impending lower back pain or nausea that comes with motion sickness but are utterly unprepared for the changes in their vision.

What causes vision changes?

Hormones. Anyone pregnant – or around anyone pregnant – can tell you about the endless list of side effects of hormones during pregnancy. Hormones are the root cause of all evil during this time – mood swings, morning sickness, food aversions. So, it’s no surprise that hormones can cause blurry vision, dry eyes and other eye-related issues.

How do pregnancy hormones cause blurry vision?

Pregnancy can lead to eye dryness that causes blurry vision. Pregnancy hormones often cause a decrease in tear production – ironic because they can increase crying – which leads to dry eyes, irritation, discomfort, and blurry vision. Moreover, they cause the dreaded swelling. The same way pregnancy causes your ankles and feet to swell up, they can cause your eyes to swell. Eye swelling alters the shape of your eye and lens, affecting your vision whilst you are pregnant. It can also alter the thickness of your cornea, so we recommend you ditch the contact lenses as they will get very uncomfortable.

What to do if you experience blurry vision?

In most cases, the changes in your vision should return to normal once the baby is born. We don’t even recommend you get a new prescription unless the changes make it extremely difficult for you to see. Use pregnancy-safe eye drops to combat any dryness and give your eyes a rest. Come in for a check-up if you experience blurry vision to ensure your pregnancy is going well and for your peace of mind.

When should I be worried about changes in my vision during pregnancy?

Although vision changes during pregnancy are nothing to worry about more often than not, sometimes they can be a sign of a potentially serious problem. Sudden changes to your vision – such as a temporary loss of vision, sudden blurry vision, light sensitivity or flashing lights and spots – can be a sign of preeclampsia – caused by high blood pressure during pregnancy. Other symptoms to watch for include severe swelling of the hands and face, persistent headaches, sudden weight gain, unusual thirst and frequent urination in large amounts. These symptoms, along with blurry vision, can indicate gestational diabetes.

In these cases, we recommend you see a doctor immediately. Often, these issues can be extremely dangerous for you and the baby.

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