We Stock Leading Brands

At Optical In Sight, we can order in most frames upon request.



Frame Repairs

At Optical In Sight, we repair your broken glasses in-house with locally sourced replacement parts.
We can repair any broken or damaged glasses, so feel free to bring in your damaged frames to see if we can fix them.

Contact Lenses & Lens

Rodenstock Precision Lenses

Rodenstock is now more precise thanks to THE B.I.G. VISION™

Rodenstock’s B.I.G Precision lenses are designed to provide highly personalised vision correction using advanced measurement technology and artificial intelligence algorithms. These lenses take into account individual factors such as the shape and size of the eye, as well as lifestyle needs and visual preferences, to deliver a tailored solution for each patient.

Rodenstock uses advanced biometric measurements that go beyond industry standards to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the whole eye. These measurements are then incorporated into the lens design, resulting in highly precise lenses that provide clear vision from every angle and gaze.

At Optical In sight, we proudly stock Rodenstock’s lenses. Click Here If you want to learn more about this innovative technology.

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