How to choose the perfect sunnies

How to choose the perfect sunnies

Choosing sunglasses is more about looking good; it’s about protecting your eyes for years to come. To ensure that your sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory, here’s what you need to look out for when choosing a pair.

UV Protection
When choosing sunnies, pick a pair that offers 100% UV protection from all UV light – including both UV A and UV B rays – for wavelengths up to 400NM (UV400). Sunnies that offer this protection will have this written on the label.

Moreover, if you’re uncertain about the level of protection your sunnies offer, take them in-store and have them checked with a UV light meter.

Although polarisation doesn’t protect your eyes from UV light, it will reduce the glare of any light reflecting off bright surfaces, such as water, snow and roads. This will ensure that your eyes remain comfortable when outside and aren’t strained.

Some polarised lenses do filter out UV. So, for maximum protection, you can also opt for these.

Lens colour
Despite what people think, lens colour doesn’t play much of a role in protecting our eyes. Darker or mirrored lenses may not offer the same level of protection as light lenses with 100% UV protection. After all, the level of protection depends on the ability to protect against UV rays, not the colour of the lens.

However, for those with a chronic eye condition – such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration – amber or brown-coloured lenses can help you see better.

Size and fit
In general, when it comes to the level of protection sunnies offer, bigger is better. Research has found that indirect exposure to sunlight – such as from above or peripherally – can damage our eyes. So pick one that offers more coverage.

Additionally, choose a pair of sunglasses that fit comfortably on your head. The frames shouldn’t feel too tight, but shouldn’t be so loose that they slip and fall off when you look down.

Although they may not always be in style, for maximum protection, choose oversized or wraparound sunnies.

Sunglasses are the fashion accessory you should be wearing all year round. Often, a good pair – one that offers the necessary protection – can be a small investment. So, you need to make sure you love the way you look in them. Regardless of price, there’s no point in choosing a good pair of sunglasses if you never wear them.

Don’t forget the kids
Research has found that exposure to UV radiation, and damage, adds up over a person’s lifetime. But, more importantly, 80% of the damage caused by UV exposure occurs before the age of 18. So, when shopping for sunnies, don’t forget the kids. You can find sunnies to protect your child’s eyes from the time they are six months old.

Now that we’ve armed you with all the information you need about sunnies, head in-store to check out our fantastic range to keep your eyes protected all year round. Alternatively, if it’s been a while since your last eye check, make an appointment today, and we’ll get you sorted.

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